What You See is a font that uses the simple shape of a square to create the letters of the alphabet. The letters in What You See were designed to create an illusion. The letters are tall with little kerning to make the letterforms blend together in order to create the illusion. Once the letters are put together into words, they turn into lines and shapes that will require a closer look in order to read. It takes regular words and transforms them into optical illusions. The creation of What You See took a lot of patience, mind power and of course trial and error, the perfect illusion takes time. With this font What You See is what you get.
What You See was inspired by a mural found in a train station. The letters of the mural were boxy and bold, which is why What You See was created from single boxes stacked on top of each other. By stacking the boxes to create the letters, the words transform into an illusion making it difficult to read when. Type attributes specific to this font are the vertical axis’ on the letter 'o', half of a crossbar on the right side of the stem of the 't', a square title on the letter 'i' and 'j', a right angle on the terminals, and a squared out bowl without a spur on the letter 'a'.