Runner up for the Carthage College 2018 Celebration of Scholars Logo Competition
When designing a logo for Celebration of Scholars, it was challenging to convey the message of all three important elements: student and faculty research, scholarship, and creativity. I started with a circular design for the logo that resembles the sun, a common symbol for life, energy, and power. I wanted my logo to be an emblem that represents new beginnings of each element within Celebration of Scholars. I divided the circle into three parts and added the colors to help with this symbolization. The lower part of the logo is dark navy blue to represent the water surrounding Carthage, the middle is orange with added lines to mimic the sun and its beams of light, while the top section is light blue to represent the sky. Blues are associated with confidence, wisdom and intelligence. Dark blue represents knowledge and integrity, while light blue represents understanding. Orange embodies energy, creativity, determination and success. These colors are also complimentary, when used together they create high contrast to make a visual impact that Carthage strives for with their research, scholarship, and creativity from their students.