Design Persona
trendy, but not cliché
hip, but not isolating
elegant, but not high-class
minimal, but not simplistic
eccentric, but not over the top
laid back, but not lazy
professional, but not stuck up
The voice of Art Vintage Espresso is friendly, welcoming and warm. They strive for honesty within the work place. They are laid back, but professional. It's the casual voice of a friend that welcomes you into their home. The type of language used in descriptions and on their website is more laid back (such as a conversation between friends) and uses contractions like isn't instead of is not to make it easier to understand. Most headings (except for the logo) are typed in lowercase to make it more casual and laid back.

The accent color (yellow) of the Art Vintage Espresso palette is bright and welcoming. It is used to convey a fun hipster environment. The saturation in this color is muted a tad to help portray the modern hipster vibe. There is also a dark color (navy blue) and white to help balance out the brightness of the accent color. The dark color is used to help ground the brand and relate to their elegant aesthetic and the white is used to help bring the minimal aesthetic to the brand.

Art Vintage Espresso is relaxed and welcoming which can best be portrayed by simple sans-serif fonts for both the
heading and the body. The font which is being used is proxima nova. With a variety of weight and color,
this font creates a modern hip aesthetic that is perfect for their brand.

General Style Notes
When designing for this brand, elements need to be kept clean and modern, and by adding pops of color it relates it more to the modern hipster aesthetic. Using a lot of white space between elements will help open the designs and appear to be more unified, and minimal. Using the logo should be used only when needed, and not overused. It can be seen on the website and any packing, as well as any other marketing pieces.